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Start Date 2014/06/18
End Date 2014/06/19
Event Title 1st International Pleasure Conference
Event Description This Congress is opened in the frame of the ongoing Research project PLEASURE funded by the European Commission. The project started in January 2012 and will last for 3 years. This collaborative project aims to identify and further develop processes and technologies which on the one hand allow the reduction of the unwanted fat (saturated and trans-fatty acids), salt and sugar (mono- and disaccharides) but on the other avoid or at least reduce the use of replacers like sweeteners by achieving an optimised sensorial perception of the sugars, salts and fats present in the products to be developed.

During this event, a state of the art on tastant perception using in vivo and in vitro approaches will be benchmarked. Indeed, the project gathered the best European specialists of such approaches. Then a state of the art and recent results obtained within the project and also in selected parallel initiatives in Europe on salt, sugar and lipid reduction will be presented.

The study on saltiness perception in assembled solid food is a specificity of PLEASURE project. This point will be highlighted. Coffee breaks and lunch break will be used as opportunities to taste and compare different products based on process approach for salt-sugar and lipid reduction concepts.

This conference will be coupled with the “Health & Food days” (JAS) organized by the cluster « CRITT Agro-Alimentaire » of La Rochelle and which should gather over 800 delegates, mostly from the French and European industry. A unique opportunity to promote your expertise!

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Location ESPACE ENCAN, La Rochelle, France

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