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Start Date 2015/06/01
End Date 2015/06/03
Event Title 6th International Dietary Fibre Conference 2015 (DF15) "From Fibre Functionality to Health"
Event Description DF15 will continue the highly successful series of the earlier DF Conferences: integration of nutritional and consumer science with food technology, product development, analysis and legal aspects. DF15 is the occasion where scientists, regulators and industry representatives from all over the world can meet in a unique location where participants can develop modern ideas while drawing inspiration from the beauty of Paris.

DF15 will cover all sources of dietary fibre, focussing on fibre functionality and health; benefits of dietary fibre through nutrition science, product development and consumer education. Including reviews by authoritative speakers on health effects of fibre and new insights in their role as prebiotics and in mental performance, DF15 will therefore offer a wide forum for all disciplines and industrial sectors involved in the research, exploitation and utilization of dietary fibre. A rich table top exhibition of products, machinery and scientific tools will contribute to giving the participants a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the field of dietary fibre.

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Location Les Salons De L'Aveyron 17 rue de L'aubrac 75012 Paris

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Created by Kerstin Lienemann on 11 May 2015, at 16:03