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English name:AGRO-HALL
Original name:AGRO-HALL

Technology Transfer Centre

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rue Saint Germain 55
27000 EVREUX


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Food production
Process development
Stabilizing processes
(Food) biology
Technology transfer and dissemination
Legal aspects
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Related Facility Datasheet

Title Infrastructure class
Novel technologies platform - Agro-Hall Mini plants
Technology Application field Equipment available
Pulsed Light / Pulsed UV Surface decontamination

Liquid decontamination Powder and divided solid decontamination Chemical decontamination (mycotoxin, pesticids residue...)

labscale monolamp pilot

labscale 8 lamps pilot Labscale 4 lamp pilot Liquid decontamination static pilot Liquid decontamination dynamic pilot Powder and divided solid dynamic pilots

UVc Clear liquid decontamination

Turbid liquid decontamination

Clear liquid decontamination pilot 2000 L/h

Turbid liquid decontamination pilot 1000-4000 L/h

Photocatalysis Air microbial decontamination

Air depollution

Air decontamination unit 200 m3/h

Micro-wave-IR Advanced thermal processing for food with coupling possibilities Mulit-enregry microwave pilot

Thermal processing Liquid pasteuriation/sterilisation Plate heat exchanger 500 L/h

Scratched surface heat exchanger 500 L/h

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Adrien Agoulon Head Heating technologies
Betrand Hubert R&D manager Pulsed light application
Peter Müller tester
Tatiana Koutchma Scientist HPP, UV, microwave, PEF
Veronique Andre-Linet Project manager Heat exchanger

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