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Associated Membership Platform (AMP)

As a normal user of the Food Tech Innovation Portal you have read only status. This means that you are not able to publish own profile or technology descriptions. Furthermore, personal contact data are not visible. For the full functionality you have to register for the Associated Membership Platform.

Registration can be done by the link in the upper right corner of the website or by email to

Membership is free of charge. The only obligation is the publication of your contact details in form of a profile sheet. This way, the network is meant to be constantly broadened. Advantages of the membership at a glance:

  • View all contact data in the portal
  • Comment existing datasheets
  • Insert new datasheets to promote your own technologies
  • Publish your profile to be found by others

=> Be part of a huge network to make new contacts and boost your business

Manual “How to create a new datasheet”

  • Go to the section “Add & Edit”
  • Select the category of datasheet you want to create
  • Enter the title of your entry and click the “Create” button
  • Enter all the information requested
  • Ensure everything is correct my clicking “Show preview”
  • If you want to submit your entry click the “Save page” button
  • Your entry will go through a review process. In case any information is missing, you will be contacted.

In case you want to edit your entry, open it and click on the “edit” button. Only you will be able to edit your entries. Please note that these functions are only available after logging in with your access data.

If you wish to add information to an already existing technology datasheet (e.g. you want to add your company name in the corresponding field) please use the feedback button. The system administrator will forward your request to the datasheet’s author. It is also possible to contact the author directly by clicking on the organisation’s name in the 'Completed by' field and select the 'Contact persons' tab.

List of all AMP-members

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