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About the Network of Excellence
HighTech Europe is an initiative of European research organizations, industrial federations and enterprises with the final goal of setting up a European Institute for Food Processing. The network is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EU. Partners of the network are universities, research institutions, technology transfer centers, associations and companies.
List of all HTE-Partner

Activities of HighTech Europe
All activities in the network are more or less dedicated to provide a basis for the European Institute for Food Processing (EU-IFP). Tasks within HighTech Europe are therefore considered as ‘building blocks’ of the EU-IFP. The most important building block is a knowledge database for the food processing sector, the Food Tech Innovation Portal (Food TIP), which uses a Semantic MediaWiki as basis and provides various possibilities to organise and exchange knowledge on a virtual level. The Food TIP should become the backbone of the future EU-IFP. Many activities are now directed to the internet portal. The figure below shows at a glance how the different tasks contribute to building the EU-IFP. There are activities (tasks), which are rather considered as single building blocks of the Food TIP and those which are directly contributing to the build-up of the Food TIP as well as horizontal and preliminary activities to pave the way to the EU-IFP.

HTE building blocks small.png

Key results HighTech Europe

Final Summary

White Book Agenda of European High-tech food processing

Public project's reports

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