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Food Tech Innovation Portal

Short introduction to Food Tech Innovation Portal

The Food Tech Innovation Portal intends to provide a central address with bundled information for people interested in ‘open innovation’ and networking related to food processing. This way, the implementation of new technologies in the food sector shall be fostered to enhance the competitiveness especially of small and medium-sized companies without R&D departments.

The portal is created in Wikipedia style, allowing a continuous update and extension of entries. Thereby, content quality is guaranteed by a review process organized by the portal developers. The portal is accessible free of charge. However, certain functions are available only after free registration for the Associated Membership Platform ( Associated members are able to enter their own contact data, technologies, and infrastructure to use the portal as a networking platform and to generate new business contacts. Furthermore, also personal contact data are only available for registered users. Thus, not only new technologies but also suitable partners for new developments and collaborative projects can be found. The content of the portal can be divided into the following categories:

The content of the portal can be divided into the following categories:

  • Technologies: Information about technologies from latest research results to machineries already implemented in the market; including: where and how to apply them in industry, limitations and advantages, additional sources of information, institutes or companies with expertise in the respective field, related infrastructures
  • Profiles: information about research institutes, companies or associations, completed with personal contact information and expertise
  • Infrastructures: information about open accessible infrastructure (machineries, laboratories, services etc.) with contact details
  • Innovation Guide: information and support for the whole innovation process from pre-feasibility to market launch, including technical, legal, financial, management, and marketing aspects at European level

The advantages of the Food TIP are:

  • Open editable portal: Since the portal is MediaWiki based, any kind of information can be uploaded, changed, commented or revised at any time from any place. A special function will ensure that your profile cannot be changed by a third person.
  • Intelligent search: An ontology database has been implemented together with a thesaurus-based full text search application. This allows you to find the information you need at one click.

The portal has been launched to the public on 1 May 2013 and is continuously expending. The portal has been developed within the EU-funded Network of Excellence HighTech Europe.

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