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Start Date 2014/11/05
End Date 2014/11/07
Event Title Advances in Sustainable Food Processing - Challenges for the Future
Event Description This international congress will address the unique challenges faced by food processing industries and researchers.^

Abstract submissions are invited on the following conference topics and should be submitted using the online submission system:

- Sustainability – efficient use of resources and energy

- Raw material utilization: waste reduction in food processing and the food chain; use of by-products

- Energy efficiency and water management: energy savings in thermal and non-thermal technologies; reducing water consumption by optimization processing and design; improvement of distribution logistics

- Life cycle strategies: footprint (carbon, water, land); packaging and waste recycling; fair trade production

- Innovative products, ingredients and packaging

- Sensory optimization and consumer preferences: new texture attributes in food and beverages: flavor perception and consumption behavior; novel natural ingredients; clean labeling and organic food

- Nutrition and health: optimization of nutritional value; functional ingredients; reduction of fats, sugar and salt

- Food and packaging convenience: healthier snacks and ready to eat products; food service; convenience packaging

- Food safety and quality

- New technologies in food processing and preservation: thermal, mechanical and physical processing

- Packaging for extended shelf life: active packaging; intelligent packaging; optimizing barriers

- Regulatory aspects: novel food; health claims; packaging; nanotechnology Communication with consumers: industry; academic; government

Technical and scientific coordination of the conference will be done by the Brazilian Institute of Food Technology (Instituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos, ITAL) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (Fraunhofer IVV, Germany),

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Location Campinas, São Paolo, Brazil

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