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Agroscope Institute of Food Sciences

English name:Agroscope Institute of Food Sciences
Original name:Agroscope Institut für Lebensmittelwissenschaften ILM

Research organisation: Research organisation,

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Research organisation
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Schwarzenburgstrasse 161
3003 Bern


Related Technology Datasheet

For industry For research organisation For Others
  Separation processes
(Food) physics
(Food) biology
(Food) chemistry
Foodstuffs; focus on milk products, meat products, wine
Technology transfer and dissemination
Consumer, social aspects

Related Facility Datasheet

Title Infrastructure class
Cheese plant - Agroscope Institute of Food Sciences, Liebefeld
GC-MS/PFPD-2W-Olfactometry-Agroscope Institute of Food Sciences
MALDI Biotyper/Microflex-Agroscope Institute of Food Sciences Biosafety level 2 laboratory
Storage-Agroscope Institute of Food Sciences Building
storage facility
UHT Versuchsanlage 100L/h-Agroscope Institute of Food Sciences
Technology Application field Equipment available
Experimental cheese plant Cheese making Pilot scale experimental cheese making plant with eight cheese vats of 130 litres including optional pasteurisation, microfiltration and ultrafiltration.

UHT heating UHT applications UHT pilot scale tubular heating unit with inbuilt homogeniser

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/pulsed flame photometric detection-2Way-Olfactometry Flavour analytics GC-MS-2W-O/PFPD (simultaneous work with two panellists and sulphur specific detection), trained olfactometry panel (20 judges)

Storage Storage of fresh fruit and vegetables Storage facility (CA & RA)

Identification of microorganisms Food microbiology, food safety, environmental microbiology MALDI Biotyping

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Martin Anderegg
Pascal Fuchsmann Team leader Flavour Analytics
Walter Bisig

Agroscope Institute of Food Sciences Kerstin Lienemann Kerstin Lienemann 20131105122457 Works for

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Created by Kerstin Lienemann on 5 November 2013, at 14:24

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