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Air Products Plc

English name:Air Products Plc
Original name:Air Products Plc
Department:Merchant Technology
Division:Food and Industrial Cryogenic Applications


Crockford Lane, Chineham
RG24 8WH Basingstoke
United Kingdom


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For industry For research organisation For Others
Process development
Supplier food/feed industry

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Technology Application field Equipment available
Cryogenic Freezing & Chilling Products typically frozen in cryogenic freezers are meat cuts, burgers, fish fillets, poultry products, seafood, bakery products, ice cream, appetizers, ethnic foods and ready meals. Tunnel freezers, batch freezers liquid Nitrogen Driplet Dispensing, Mixing, Blending, Coating and Forming. Pelletising, Grinding and Freeze Drying

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Modified Atmosphere Packaging techniques are utilized in various areas of food packaging for extension of shelf-life and a reduction

in food-related health hazards.

Vacuum chamber, tray and form fill packaging machines with different packaging gasesand mixtures depending on the requirements of the food product

Waste Water Treatment / Bioenergy Advanced waste water treatment of industrial waste water. Reactors, injection systems for waste water treatment

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Bowden Administration Admin
Herrmann R&D Engineer Food Processing
Rosenbaum Commercial Technology Lead Food Freezing
Trembley Technology Manager Global Cryogenic Applications Food Processing Applications for Freezing, Chilling and Packaging

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