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Ateknea Solutions

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English name:Ateknea Solutions
Original name:Ateknea Solutions
Department:Bioengineering, Industrial Physics and Electronics, Information Technologies and Telecommunications

Technology Transfer Centre

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post box 08940
Victor Pradera 45 Cornellà de Llobregat


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Separation processes
(Food) physics
Technology transfer and dissemination
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Technology Application field Equipment available
Analogue Electronics Sensor design, signal acquisition and processing applied to many fields Optical table and components

Full equipped electronic lab

High Power Ultrasound To liquidise Honey to avoid pasteurization Prototype

Image Acquisition Pre-processing, Feature Extraction and Object Recognition Fresh mushroom recognition Prototype

Atmospheric Plasma Sterilisation of eggs Prototype

Pulsed Electric Field Pulsed Electric Fields for increasing olive oil extraction Prototype

Chronoamperometry Bioanalysis Potentiostat

Fluorometry Bioanalysis Optical table and components

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Josep Perello Information Technologies and Telecommunications
João Miguel Encarnação Head of Department Bioengineering Biotechnology
Mark Williams Industrial Physics and Electronics
Martínez Gregorio Industrial Physics and Electronics
Xavier Llopis Business Line Manager Health and Agri-food
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