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English name:CELABOR - Research and Testing Centre in Food, Packaging, Environmental and Textile Technologies
Original name:CELABOR SCRL

Research organisation: Research organisation,

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ZI de Petit Rechain, Avenue du Parc 38
4650 Chaineux


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  Separation processes
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CELABOR is a private laboratory and research center based in the Walloon region of Belgium, employing about 50 people with various scientific and technical expertise. CELABOR incorporates various resources in chemistry and processes that target industrial sectors in food, packaging, environment and textile. In connection with the activities of the Food Hightech Portal, CELABOR has two departments of interest: the Agri-Nutrition and Agri-Extraction departments. The expertise areas of Agri-Nutrition department are: • The formulation of "health" products or with improved nutritional profile (claims); • The study of physico-chemical degradations of existing products (oxidative deterioration, off-flavors study, color and texture measurements, accelerated ageing tests); • The extension of product shelf life ("clean label" trend and packaging solutions); • The study of the properties of new raw materials: functional, qualitative, nutritional, … ; • Nutritional analysis, food additives evaluation, labeling advice; • Analyses of food contaminants (accredited heavy metals method in food supplements). The expertise areas of the Agri-Extraction department are: • The extraction of high-added value compounds such as plant secondary metabolites (polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenes, alkaloids, ...) by "soft" and "green" extraction processes : supercritical CO2, subcritical water, hot pressurized solvents, ultrasonic or microwave assistance;… • The development of these extraction processes at laboratory and pilot scale covering all stages of the process: preparation of plant material, solid/liquid or liquid/liquid extraction, concentration/drying, complete chemical characterization of the extracts, screening of biological activities of extracts, stability study of formulated extracts in dietary supplements; • Concentration of the extracts (membrane filtration, ion exchange column); • Purification of active compounds by centrifugal partition chromatography or extraction of undesirable compounds (contaminants, ethanol, volatile compounds ...); • Extracts Stabilization (spray or freeze drying, vacuum evaporation, cold debacterization, encapsulation); • Liquid food flavoring; • Fractionation of food products such as lipids; • Development and deodorization of liquid matrices (vegetable oils ...); • Food and agricultural co-products valorization by extraction processes.

The two departments are supported by a fine analytical chemistry laboratory with various liquid and gas chromatography equipment, among others (ICP, ...). If CELABOR activity is mainly focused on services to industrial companies (private projects), CELABOR also conducts numerous collaborative research projects with European research centers or companies (INTERREG projects, CORNET projects, IRA-SME projects, ...). The main location of the Center is Herve, in Eastern Belgium, but CELABOR also has a branch in Mouscron (Western Belgium).  

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Carmen Solaz
Caroline LONDON Agrifood Department Manager
Roland CUVELIER Technological Advisor
Yves Houet General Manager

CELABOR Carmen SOLAZ Carmen SOLAZ 20160816154315 Works for

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