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English name:National Centre for Food Technology and Safety
Original name:Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria (CNTA)

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Ctra. NA 134 km 50
31560 San Adrián

Ctra. NA 134 km 50

31560 San Adrián Navarra San Adrián Spain 42° 18' 23" N, 1° 53' 49" W


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For industry For research organisation For Others
  Separation processes
Stabilizing processes
(Food) chemistry
Information and Communication Technology

Related Facility Datasheet

Technology Application field Equipment available
Microencapsulation Spray dryer (Buchi), Encapsulation Unit (Nisco Engineering)

High Pressure Food pasteurization, food sterilization, food ingredients stabilisation, encapsulation

Purification/separation One 300 mL chamber SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) (Iberfluid)

Preparative HPLC (Waters)

Fermentations and Industrial Microbiology 3 (up to 7 l) fermenterss, DNA sequencing, 3 RT-PCR thermocyclers, DHPLC (Denaturing HPLC for DNA analysis)

Analytical chemistry HPLC (several detectors), GC-MS (quadrupole and ion trap), UPLC-MS (triple quidrupole and ion trap), ICP-MS, etc.

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Food pasteurization, ingredients and bioactive compounds extraction Pilot scale PEF. equipment: peak voltage 25 kV, a puls width of 4 to 32 microseconds and a frequency of 0 to 500 Hz (DIL 5 kW ELCRACK hvp)

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Ana Romo Hualde Head of Green Chemistry Department
Carlos Javier González Navarro R&D Director
Estibaliz Garayoa Pellejero Head of Project Management Dept.
Juan Manuel Saiz Abajo Project Manager
Raquel Virto Resano Head of Bioprocessing Dept.
Silvia García de la Torre Head of Food technology Dept.
awais aslam student

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