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English name:CSEM SA
Original name:CSEM SA
Department:Marketing & Business Development

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Research organisation: Research organisation,

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Jaquet Droz 1
2002 Neuchâtel


Related Technology Datasheet

For industry For research organisation For Others
(Food) physics
(Food) biology
(Food) chemistry
Information and Communication Technology

Related Facility Datasheet

Technology Application field Equipment available
Ion selective electrode platform Portable diagnostic tools for food production quality Wet chemistry laboratory

Low power wireless communication Ad-hoc autonomous wireless sensor network RF-Antenna Design Lab, RF-Chipdesign facility

Lab in a Pipette diagnostic platform Food contaminant rapid diagnostics in the field Portable platform for rapid screening. miniaturized assay and portable reader prototype

Morphology fingerprint technology Food traceability across supply chain, quality and counterfeit Marking and Reading Instrumentation

Nanoporous membrane technology Purification, filtration, bio-processing and pathogen separation Microfluidic devices with integrated nano- and micro-porous silicon membrane for purification/filtration

Sol-gel thin films and coatings Disposable patch for gas- and bio-sensing that can be integrated in food packaging Coaters and optical readers

Sol-gel thin films and coatings Coatings with improved printability (for high resolution printing on glossy paper, plastic foil,…) Coaters and printers

Surface Nanostructuring Decorative effect, self-cleaning properties, controlled wettability (hydrophile/phobe) Nanostructuring and Imprinting equipments, characterization equipments

Functionalized smart packaging Protected environment and enhanced harsh environment MVD coating infrastructure for anti-stiction, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, biocompatible, protective, reactive coatings

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Generelli R&D ISE, electrochemical sensors
Martha Liley Section Head Bio-MEMS Bio MEMS surface engineering

Nano toxicology

Paoletti R&D Food Micro-Biology,
Pugin Section Head Nanoscale Technology Nanotechnology
Seneclauze R&D ICT wireless
Voirin Section Head Bio-Sensing Nano-Bio Systems

Label Free Immuno assays pH sensing nutrient and humidity sensing

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