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Introduction In this stage the available secondary (literary) and primer (practical) information should be collected and analysed about the selected target group to the decision of planned development.

Key issues * What do we know about quality and risk perception of the concret target group?
  • What do we know about the orientation habits of the target group? What kind of attitude forming possibilities do we have in case of the concrete target group?

Food TIP's answers A consumer issues guideline was developed by High Tech Europe project. Download here.

On the Food Tech Innovation Portal, in the Technology section you can find some information about the consumer aspects related to the described technologies. Additionally, some Practical Sheets can be helpful: Consumer attitudes, Consumer acceptance of novel technologies, Total Food Quality Model.

Other sources The European Food Information Council:

International Food Information Council Foundation (information for consumers about food safety, healthy eating and nutrition information): The European Consumer Organisation: European Technology Platforms :

Title feasibility x consumers
Key words and relations Consumer attitudes, Consumer acceptance of novel technologies, Target Group, Total Food Quality Model
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