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Introduction Nowadays it is fundamental to take into consideration the viewpoints of the consumers from the beginning. Role of consumers will be more and more important part but not only element that can drive an innovation projects. Consumers only pay for that products/service, which are match with their demands and expectations. Consumers resist some of the technologies, what the producers have to realize and manage. Consumer studies help to set the direction of the technology/product/service development.

Key issues 1st step: Assessment and selection of the consumers’ demands
  • Level of consumers satisfaction related to the existing products, what kind of demands have emerged on the consumers part and how could they be fitted to the international trends (health, environmental awareness, convenience viewpoints etc.)?
  • Are there any risks connected with meeting consumers demands (e.g. whether exists solvent demand, is there a consumer group to could buy the product)?
  • Are the advantages and higher added value of the new product obvious for the consumers? Which are the target groups? Is there any chance of enlargement of the target groups and/or increase of consumer’s demands?

2nd step: Evaluation of the potential solutions with the eyes of consumers

  • To what extent are the related technologies known and accepted by the consumers as solutions to their demands?
  • Are there relevant practical and research experiences in this field?
  • What kind of data, figures and other information are available on the target group’s expected reactions concerning acceptance of the technologies coming into question in relevant countries for given products?
  • Which are the benefits and disadvantages of the possible solutions from the consumers’ points of view? How could we influence consumers’ perception in case of both advantages and disadvantages? Are there any relevant successful practical or research experiences?

3rd step: Decision making

  • Based upon analyses carried out in various special fields, in the pre-feasibility stage decisions are made on the demands to be met, the target groups and the technical solutions.

Food TIP's answers A consumer issues guideline was developed by High Tech Europe project. Download here.

On the Food Tech Innovation Portal, in the Technology section you can find some information about the consumer aspects related to the described technologies. Additionally, some Practical Sheets can be helpful: Consumer attitudes, Consumer acceptance of novel technologies, Total Food Quality Model.

Other sources The European Food Information Council:

International Food Information Council Foundation (information for consumers about food safety, healthy eating and nutrition information): The European Consumer Organisation: European Technology Platforms:

Title pre-feasibility x consumers
Key words and relations Consumer attitudes, Consumer acceptance of novel technologies, Target Group, Total Food Quality Model
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