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Start Date 2015/11/16
End Date 2015/11/20
Event Title 9th CIGR Section VI International Technical Symposium “Creating Value from Bioresources through Novel Technologies”
Event Description CIGR, established in 1930, is the largest international organisation in the global agricultural science and engineering sector, with its Section VI focusing on bioprocessing of food and biomaterials, and novel technologies for the evaluation of food quality. This 9th CIGR VI-NZ 2015 International Technical Symposium will create a meeting place for agricultural and biosystem scientists, engineers and associated professional technologists from across the globe. It will cover recent scientific and technological advances in creating high value bioresources and consumer products. Key themes include novel research approaches and innovative engineering solutions for increasing sustainable production, improving nutritional quality of food and adding value to raw materials to enhance human well-being and confer environmental benefits.
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Location Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

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Created by Kerstin Lienemann on 10 June 2015, at 17:51