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English name:German Institute of Food Technologies
Original name:DIL - Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V.

Research organisation: Research organisation,

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Research organisation
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Prof.-von-Klitzing-Str. 7
49610 Quakenbrück

Prof.-von-Klitzing-Str. 7

49610 Quakenbrück

Quakenbrück Germany 52° 40' 7" N, 7° 57' 25" E


Related Technology Datasheet

Antimicrobial effect of ozone in the food industry
Application of pulsed electric fields for cell disintegration
Baking with combined microwave and infrared/impingement heating
Baking with impingement heating
Baking with infrared heating
Emulsions stabilized by multi-layer interfaces
Enzymatic modification of phospholipids
High pressure pasteurization of fish to prolong their freshness
High pressure pasteurization of marinated chicken meat
High pressure processing
High pressure shellfish processing
High pressure thermal sterilisation
Infrared temperature measurement
Irradiation of meat products
Microwave heating
Modification of phospholipids
Ohmic heating
Planetary roller extruder (PRE)
Pulsed electric field processing
Pulsed electric fields and spore inactivation
Pulsed light decontamination meat carcasses
Real-time wireless temperature measurement during high pressure processing
Robotics for increased automation flexibility in food manufacturing
Robotics in food manufacturing processes
Shock wave meat tenderization
Spray-dried milk powder structure for the application in fat-based suspensions
Starch gelation by high pressure processing
Structure formation through pressure-induced protein denaturation
Sub-/Supercritical water hydrolysis
Treatment of blood plasma of animal origin by pulsed electric fields (PEF)
Twin screw extrusion
Ultrasonic Sensor for the transmission of signals for process control for high pressure processing
For industry For research organisation For Others
Food production
Process development
Separation processes
Stabilizing processes
Structure forming processes
Conversion processes
(Food) physics
(Food) biology
(Food) chemistry
Technology transfer and dissemination

Related Facility Datasheet

Title Infrastructure class
HPP Pilot system DIL High Pressure equipment
Hygienic Vacuum Gripper - DIL Automation
Shockwave - DIL Electro-Magnetic equipment
Technology Application field Equipment available
High pressure technology Preservation of liquid and solid foods, structure modification of biopolymers. Single vessel HP equipment (2l and 55l vessel volume, 600 and 700 MPa maximum pressure

Extrusion Snacks, cereals, crisp bread swelling meal by cooking extrusion, ice cream, cold aerated products by deep temperature extrusion, meat and fish analogs by texturisation, noodles by low temperature extrusion, filled products by co-extrusion, Additional special application DIL: new application area (meat, milk products, Product development based on Extrusion Technology Single Screw Extruder, Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder, High Speed Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder, Planetary-gear extruder

Ultrasonic / shockwave technology Disintegration of biological tissue, meat tenderization, emulsifying and dispersing Electro hydraulic shockwave generator (2 kW)

Diverse technologies Dairy, confectionary, chocolate and meat technology For diverse technologies: deep fat frying, emulsifying, homogenising, mixing, squeezing, separating, grinding, cutting, pasteurizing, filling, freezing, tempering, etc.

Microbiological Analysis Pathogen detection, GMO, Allergens, microbiological contamination of food and drinking water PCR-technology, cultural technology, immunological technology, AAS,

Fermentation Production of starter and protective cultures and probiotics Fermenter up to 30 l volume

Chemical Analysis Chemical quality of food and drinking water, control of pesticides, Liquid / Gas chromatography, ICP

Engineering and electro-techniques Construction of prototypes and production plants Welding equipment, sheet metal forming, CNC lathe / lathes, boring and milling machine, CAD system

Pulsed electric field technology Disintegration of plant and meat tissue, structure modification, microbial decontamination of liquid media Elea batch and continuous systems, 5, 30 and kW with capacities up to 2 t/h for microbial inactivation and up to 50 t/h for cell disintegration

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
AHMET TOKER Project Engineer Ohmich Heating
Achim Knoch Manager product development division High pressure, robotics, pulsed electric fields
Aganovic Kemal Advanced research Sous Vide, microwave assisted thermal sterilization, ultrasound
Alexander Mathys Manager bioeconomy division Bioprocessing, food processing
Bernhard Hukelmann Head of research platform process analysis
Caroline Riplinger Praktikant
Helmut Steinkamp Manager food safety division Food security
Kemal Aganovic Advanced research Sous Vide, microwave assisted thermal sterilization, ultrasound
Kerstin Lienemann Head of DIL Office Brussels Management HighTech Europe, EU and international activities
Knut Franke Manager robotics division Robotics, structure forming and functionality, modelling and simulation
Lienemann TESTVERSION Kerstin Head of DIL Office Brussels
Nino Terjung Head of Meat Science Cutters, Homogenizer
Peter Holl Project Manager networks - clinical research in breast cancer

- clinical research in pace makers, implantable defibrillators - clinical research atrial fibrillation - project management in REACH for resins and rosins, for Fluoric Aluminium salts

Sophie Hieke Networks
Stefan Töpfl Manager process development division High pressure, robotics, pulsed electric fields
Tomas Bolumar Project Manager at Process Technologies Department Meat biochemistry, meat quality, meat processing and packaging, high pressure processing,
Ute Bindrich Manager structure and functionality division Physical analytics
john carter water purifier

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