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DMRI – Danish Technological Institute

English name:Danish Technological Institute
Original name:Teknologisk Institut
Department:Hygiene and preservation
Division:Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI)

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Maglegaardsvej 2
4000 Roskilde

Maglegaardsvej 2

4000 Roskilde

Roskilde Denmark 55° 37' 38" N, 12° 4' 42" E


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Brining and cooking meat products
Fermenting and drying of meat products
Mincing and cooking meat products
Robotics for increased automation flexibility in food manufacturing
Robotics in food manufacturing processes
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  Stabilizing processes
Structure forming processes
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(Food) biology
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Related Facility Datasheet

Technology Application field Equipment available
Grinding, cutting and stuffing Sausages Vacuum high speed cutter

Vacuum filler

Curing Hams and bacon Multi needle injector


Cooking, drying, smoking, cooling Cooked, cured, dry cured and smoked cured meat products Cooking and cooling cabinets

Smoking cabinets Climate chamber

Sterilising Luncheon meat Small and large retort

Low temperature, long time heating Fresh or marinated meat Sous vide cooker

Modified atmosphere packaging Fresh meat, cold cuts and marinated meat Multivac


Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Jakob Søltoft-Jensen Senior Researcher Technologies for meat processing

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