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Technology Datasheets of KU Leuven

Datasheet Title
Acrylamide mitigation strategies
Batch overpressure water cascading or spray retort
Chemical pressure temperature time indicator coenzyme Q(0)
Electrochemical tongue
Enzymatic pressure temperature time indicator
Furan formation in heat treated food products
GC-MS fingerprinting for food authenticity evaluation
Heat distribution studies in batch retorts for in-pack thermal processing
Heat penetration studies for in-pack thermal processing in batch retort systems
High pressure homogenisation for microbial inactivation of liquid food
High pressure thermal sterilisation
High-pressure low-temperature processes
Hydrostatic retort
In vitro digestion procedures
Magnetic field assisted nanoparticle dispersion
Molecular probes for pectin analysis
Natural low-calorie sweeteners from Stevia
Omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids from microalgae
Pectin bioactivity
Pectin engineering and texture
Prebiotic effects of arabinoxylan oligosaccharides
SPR based biosensors
Smart label based on doping front migration
Structure engineering and carotenoid bioaccessibility
Superheated steam drying
Tribology and food texture perception
UV color TTI

Facility Datasheets of KU Leuven

Datasheet Title
Freezing lab-scale equipment KU Leuven
HP homogenizer GEA KU Leuven
HP lab-scale multivessel equipment KU Leuven
HP lab-scale single-vessel equipment KU Leuven
HPHT lab-scale multivessel equipment KU Leuven
Microwave heating lab-scale KU Leuven
Retort pilot-scale KU Leuven

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