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Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins

English name:Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins
Original name:Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins

Research organisation: University of Applied Science,

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University of Applied Science
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post box 1148
Route de Duillier 50
1260 Nyon


Related Technology Datasheet

For industry For research organisation For Others
  Structure forming processes
(Food) biology
(Food) chemistry
Information and Communication Technology

Related Facility Datasheet

Title Infrastructure class
Analytical chemistry laboratory - Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins Laboratories
Experimental winery - Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins Fermenters
Microbiological analysis - Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins Laboratories
Sensory Analysis -Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins Laboratories
Soils science laboratory -Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins Laboratories
Technology Application field Equipment available
Experimental winery Winemaking, winery design All required equipment and technology

Analytical chemistry Fruit and wine chemistry HPLC, GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, AAS, Spectrophotmeters, centrifuges, specific instruments for wine analysis, lyophilisator

Sensory analysis Juices and wines, destillates Sensory analysis laboratory

Microbiology Fermentations, microbiological deviations Classical Equipment, PCR

Soil sciences pedology, climate studies, GIS, botanical studies Drone, classical equipment

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Christian Maurer Mandates & services
Jean-Philippe Burdet R&D Coordinator
Julie Roeslé-Fuchs Processes
Julien Ducruet Processes
Pascale Deneulin Sensory analysis
Roland Riesen Analytical chemistry
Serge Hautier Microbiology
Stéphane Burgos Soil sciences

Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins Kerstin Lienemann Kerstin Lienemann 20130717085258 Works for

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