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BacLyte - Bacillus growth enhancer


Key words probiotics, sporulation, growth, bacillus, culture, fermentation
Latest version 2013/09/17
Completed by Cerebral Innovation

How does it work?

Primary objective Massively enhances sporulation and vegetative growth of Bacillus species. To be used in the production of probiotics and for enhancement of probiotic products
Working principle The BacLyteTM technology provides a truly amazing boost to the germination and growth of Bacillus species which could provide huge benefits in terms of the production and use of Bacillus probiotics in human and animal health.

In the probiotics industry the inability of bacteria spores to germinate is one of the main reasons why Bacilli-based probiotics have not gained a stronger hold. Addition of BacLyteTM growth enhancer technology could be used to improve the production and efficacy of Bacillus probiotic formulations in the human and animal health sectors.

Additional effects
Important process parameters
Important product parameters

What can it be used for?

Products Accelerating sporulation of Bacillus > More effective recovery of Bacillus probiotics in the gut

Accelerating germination in rich media > Could reduce production times and enhance final yields

Enabling germination and growth of spores in minimal media (no animal protein) > Offers the potential for the development of vegetarian & vegan probiotics > Could open up opportunity of supplying “easy to culture” Bacillus probiotics to third parties

Potential ddevelopment of better avian probiotics > Rapid transit time means most probiotics are excreted before germination has occurred> facilitates greatly increased spore germination at 40C > Could mean that greater numbers of spores germinate before being excreted by chicken leading to better colonisation

Solutions for short comings

What can it NOT be used for?

Operations Not suitable as a prebiotic
Other limitations
Risks or hazards


Maturity Pilot scle production

Materials ready for evaluation

Modularity /Implementation
Consumer aspects
Legal aspects Natural aqueous extract of bananas - no regulatory issues
Environmental aspects

Further Information


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Created by Dr Andrew Lee on 17 September 2013, at 16:57