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English name:FeyeCon D&I bv
Original name:FeyeCon D&I bv
Department:Food technologies

Industryis SME
Research organisation: Research organisation,

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Rijnkade 17a 17a
1382 GS Weesp
The Netherlands

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1382 GS Weesp

Weesp The Netherlands


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For industry For research organisation For Others
Process development
Separation processes
Stabilizing processes
Structure forming processes
Conversion processes
Technology transfer and dissemination
Research funding

FeyeCon is product and process development company (SME). We are specialized in the using carbon dioxide technology to make novel or improved products, while reducing the environment burden in the processing of these. Using carbon dioxide as a recyclable solvent, we have realized reduction of waste streams, water consumption, energy costs as well as carbon food print in the development and industrial implementation of such processes. Within the food area, we dispose of unique processes and process concepts on:

               extraction of herbs and spices, bioactives and antinutritionals
               fractionation of essential oils
               drying of sensitive ingredients and foodstuffs
               pasteurisation at close to ambient temperatures
               micronization and texturing of spreads and creams
               microencapsulation for stabilization and release control for sensitive ingredients

Please consult our website for more information.

Related Facility Datasheet

Technology Application field Equipment available
Supercritical CO2 extraction of solids Agro-food, cosmetiscs, biorefinery, pharmaceuticals Equipment at lab, bench and pilot scale, under HACCP and GMP-c

Supercritical CO2 fractionation of oils Agro-food, cosmetiscs, biorefinery, pharmaceuticals Equipment at lab, bench and pilot scale, under HACCP

Supercritical melt micronization Agro-food, cosmetiscs, biorefinery, pharmaceuticals Equipment at bench and pilot scale, under HACCP

Supercritical dyeing and impregnation Materials Lab, bench and pilot scale

Biorefinery Agro-food Pilot scale under HACCP

Other Any from above Upon request

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FeyeCon WikiSysop Hofland 20130926121626 Works for

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