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Introduction All the work here should be focused on the product roll out in the first place, then on making the project sustainable on the long term.

This means continuously updating the business plan, integrating the costs fluctuations of the supply, particularly of the raw material (worldwide production/demand, competition with another application, etc.), and the actual sales figures. The latter should be closely linked with the marketing plan.

Be careful in case of intellectual property rights conflict, you might need extra budget to cover for your defence expenses, or chose another way of solving the issue.

Depending on the financial solidity of your company, you might be able to engage into a more or less risky scheme for the future, including starting to invest again into another innovative project.

Key issues - What are the financial resources for the medium+long term?

- Price fluctuations in supply (raw materials + equipment + disposable)

- Adjusting the financial strategy (including prices, quantities, flows, etc.) according to the measure of the final market value, based on real sales figures

Food TIP's answers On this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal), some practical sheets might be helpful: European financing instruments (loans, guarantees, etc.), Venture capital.

Yet they might be more focused on the earlier stages of the process.

Other sources - CORDIS Guide for Funding: Practical Guide to EU funding opportunities for Research and Innovation (available in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PL)

- Your Europe: Access to Finance - Banks or venture capital funds that provide finance supported by the EU (available in all EU languages)

There are specific financial sources and programmes in each state, region and even at lower level that you should consider to finance your project.

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