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Start Date 2014/10/13
End Date 2014/10/17
Event Title Food & Health Entrepreneurship Program
Event Description The Food & Health Entrepreneurship Program is an innovative, one-week intensive workshop designed for researchers who want to learn to commercialize their research, prepare for a career in industry, or take the first steps toward launching a new venture. It combines a comprehensive curriculum based on building a business with hands-on exercises for researchers to learn about the technology commercialization and new business development, the intellectual property and technology transfer, the development and validation of potential opportunities for commercialization, and integration of scientific research and entrepreneurship.

The workshop is following the successful academy of the University of California Davis.

The five-day entrepreneurship workshop program includes Sessions covering technology validation, market and financial strategies, and successful communication skills. Participants interact with faculty, investors, entrepreneurs, and industry executives to gain an understanding of the path from the university lab to the market and the resources that are available along the way.

The program provides participants with: • A practical understanding of how innovations move from the laboratory to the market. • The skills necessary to select, guide, and advocate the commercial potential of their own research. • A strong initial network of professionals who can help mentor and connect these participants as they move forward.

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Location Eureka building - UAB Campus / Can Domènech Avenue / 08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès) – Barcelona / Tel. +34 93 586 88 91 / Fax. +34 93 581 28 41

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