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Innovation Guide

Conducting R&D, especially in food processing and related fields, is expensive for those innovators who take the risk to develop new or enhance products and services. On the European level, many different R&D support opportunities are available. The Innovation Guide wants to help innovators to individually identify suitable R&D and innovation activities and support tools and to optimize innovation activities as a whole. The Guide looks at innovation from two perpectives:

<div style="text-align: center;"> <img src="images/guide_grafik.jpg" alt="innovation guide" width="798" height="633" usemap="#GuideMap" border="0" /> <map name="GuideMap" id="GuideMap"> <area shape="poly" coords="219,170,372,233,348,266,193,203" href="" target="_self" alt="Pre-feasibility - from the idea to the project" /> <area shape="poly" coords="521,466,566,476,573,438,570,398,562,368,545,338,507,354,526,398,528,434" href="" target="_self" alt="Feasibility study - from the project to the prototype" /> <area shape="poly" coords="237,484,279,471,268,425,270,396,276,374,288,354,293,348,258,326,240,350,226,400,227,443" href="" target="_self" alt="Development - from the prototype to the product/service" /> <area shape="poly" coords="452,219,482,255,594,206,562,175" href="" target="_self" alt="Launching - from the product/service to the market" /> </map> </div>

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