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HP lab-scale single-vessel equipment

Identification of Facility
TitleHP lab-scale single-vessel equipment
Key wordshigh pressure processing, pasteurisation, preservation
Latest version2013/02/20
DescriptionTemperature-controlled high pressure unit with 590 ml vessel
Possibilities and limitsOperational range: -30 to 100 °C, up to 6000 bar

Accessibility & Support Service
Access conditions
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Languages Dutch, English, French
Other languages
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Technical help
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Contact data
Contact person Hendrickx Marc
Institute/company KU Leuven LFT
Country Belgium
Address Kasteelpark Arenberg 22 box 2457; 3001 Heverlee

HP lab-scale single-vessel equipment

high pressure processing, pasteurisation, preservation 2013/02/20 EPSI

Temperature-controlled high pressure unit with 590 ml vessel

Operational range: -30 to 100 °C, up to 6000 bar

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Dutch, English, French

High Pressure equipment

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Created by LiesbethV on 20 February 2013, at 11:25