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English name:National Intitute for Agricultural Research
Original name:Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Department:Caracterisation et Elaboration des Produits Issus de l'Agriculture
Division:Joint Research Unit GMPA – Génie et Microbiologie des Procédés Alimentaires / Microbiology and Food Process Engineering

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Research organisation: Non-profit research organisation,

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Non-profit research organisation
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78850 Thiverval Grignon


Related Technology Datasheet

Antimicrobial biodegradable packaging
Cheese ripening control
Optimization of freeze-drying
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  Separation processes
Stabilizing processes
Structure forming processes
(Food) biology
(Food) chemistry

Related Facility Datasheet

Technology Application field Equipment available
Advanced process monitoring and control Cheese ripening process

Freeze drying process Food deconstruction in the digestive track

Ripening cells (20 litres to 1m3 capacity)

In vitro digestive track simulator Freeze driers (from 0.15 m² to 1 m²) Bioreactors (from 2 litres to 75 litres useful volume)

Knowledge management Modelling, analysis of complex biological and food systems.

Software development Data acquisition, process control, data/signal processing

Embedded wireless data acquisition and control devices Web applications, Web services (in JEE and .NET environments)

Local servers and software development stations.

Cloud development and deployment.

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Bruno Perret senior researcher Computer science
Daniel Picque senior researcher Food process, sensors
Isabelle Souchon Head Food process engineering
Pascal Bonnarme senior researcher Microbiology

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