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English name:Institute of Agro-Food Research and Technology
Original name:Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
Department:Food Industries
Division:Food Technology, Product Quality, Food Safety, Functionality & Nutrition

Research organisation: Non-profit research organisation,

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Non-profit research organisation
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Finca Camps i Armet s/n
17121 Monells

Finca Camps i Armet s/nwarning.png"s/n" is not a number.

17121 Monells Girona Monells Spain 41° 59' 20" N, 3° 0' 55" E


Related Technology Datasheet

Brining and cooking meat products
Chemical pressure temperature time indicator coenzyme Q(0)
Dielectric microwave spectroscopy
Drying of non-fermented meat products
Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy
Fermenting and drying of meat products
Fluid particle modelling
High pressure pasteurization of fish to prolong their freshness
High pressure processing
High pressure shellfish processing
High pressure thermal sterilisation
In pack heat pasteurization of ready to eat meals
Infrared temperature measurement
Metal-based nanomaterials in the food industry
Microwave heating
Mincing and cooking meat products
Pulsed light for microbial inactivation
QDS Drying maturing system for sliced products
Radiofrequency dielectric heating
Reducing meat oxidation
Reducing meat oxidation by dietary addition of antioxidants
Starch gelation by high pressure processing
Structure formation through pressure-induced protein denaturation
Thawing of food products by radiofrequency
Vision system for robot guidance and food inspection
X-ray for non-invasive food quality control
For industry For research organisation For Others
Food production
Process development
Separation processes
Stabilizing processes
Conversion processes
(Food) physics
(Food) biology
(Food) chemistry
Carcass quality, Quality of food of animal origin, New preservation technologies, Abiotic food safety, Biotic food safety, Ingredients & functional molecules, Proteomics & metabolomics
Technology transfer and dissemination

Related Facility Datasheet

Title Infrastructure class
Auditorium IRTA not applicable
Computed Tomography IRTA Imaging
HP Industrial scale IRTA High Pressure equipment
HP Labscale IRTA High Pressure equipment
IRTAsim Dryers
Microwave heating labscale IRTA Electro-Magnetic equipment
Microwave heating pilot and industrial scale IRTA Electro-Magnetic equipment
PEF Pilot scale IRTA PEF equipment
Pulsed light labscale IRTA Light equipment
QDS system IRTA Dryers
Radiofrequency heating semi-industrial scale IRTA Electro-Magnetic equipment
Technology Application field Equipment available
High pressure technology Liquid, semi-liquid and solid products in a final or processing package. Meat, fish, seafood, vegetable and fruit products.

Structure modification of biopolymers.

1 laboratory (2 L, 900 MPa) and 1 industrial scale (120 L, 650 MP

Computed Tomography Nuclear magnetic resonance and Spectroscopy by near infrared region (NIR). Adaptation of food analysis technology. Incorporation of this technology in on-line control systems.F.i. in dry-cured ham elaboration processes; control of drying and ripening in food (fish, fruits, cheeses); in pig carcasses 80, 120 , 140 K/ 60-340 mA (X-Ray source); 18-50 cm width, 200 cm length (maximum object size)

Radiofrequency dielectric heating Post-baking, drying, thawing of meat or fish blocks, pasteurization, drying and decontamination of whole fruits. 1 semi-industrial scale facility (15 kW; 27,12 MHz, continuous tunnel)

Microwave heating Cooking, pasteurization, drying, decontamination and defrosting (particularly for the 915 MHz frequency) 3 pilot (2450 MHz & 5800 MHz, 700-1000 W) and 1 industrial scale (24 kW, 2450 MHz, continuous tunnel)

Pulsed light Disinfection and preservation of liquid food (cold pasteurization of liquid food such as milk, juices) and solid foods (fruits, vegetables, eggs, shell, fish and meat 1 laboratory scale facility (150x100x170 cm; sample size: 17x15x15 cm).

QDS- Quick Dry System Quick drying maturing system for sliced products.

Any food product capable of being dried, mainly fermented meat products. Application to vegetables and fish products it´s possible.

Pulsed electric fields 1 pilot scale facility (25 kW) available

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Angels Oliver Pratsevall Product Quality division Coordinator
Jacint Arnau Arboix Food Technology division coordinator
Jose Antonio Garcia Regueiro Functionality & nutrition division coordinator
Lluis Salva Project office PhD in Biology. Expertise on identifying funding sources and proposals preparation.
Margarita Garriga Turon Food Safety division Coordinator

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