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IRTA-St. Carles de la Ràpita

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English name:Institute of Agro-Food Research and Technology
Original name:Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
Division:Marine Environmental Monitoring, Aquatic Cultures

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Research organisation: Non-profit research organisation,

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Non-profit research organisation
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Crta: Poble Nou, Km 5,5
43540 St. Carles de la Ràpita


Related Technology Datasheet

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  Food safety in aquaculture products, Research on new aquatic species or processes to improve the quality and productivity of commercial species

Related Facility Datasheet

Technology Application field Equipment available
Chromatography/ Separation technology/ Mass spectrometry Identification and quantification of toxins, natural compounds, bioactives in food and the environemnt. Application to functional food HPLCs with spectroscopic (-UV, -FLD) and MS/MS detection (triple quadrupole). Sample preparation. Preparative and analytical scale.

Colorimetric biochemical assays Determination of analytes of interest in any field: agroo-food, health, environment, etc. Biochemistry laboratory. Sample preparation. Spectrophotometers, microtiter plate readers.

Electrochemical biosensors Design and development of sensing and transduction strategies for analyte detection (biomolecule immobilisation, biorecognition event efficiency and measurement, signal amplification, etc.) Biosensors laboratory. Sample preparation. Potentiostats, electrodes, arrays.

Cytotoxicity assays using mammalian cells Evaluation of the toxic potential of analytes at the cellular level. Identification of bioactive compounds in natural extracts. Application to ciguatera evaluation. Cell culture equipment, plate readers, microscopy

Selective microbial growth assessment Microbiological content in food and water samples Microbiology equipment, incubators, impedance

Oceanographic surveys in coastal waters Monitoring of marine waters and environmental assessment (Coastal embayments, shellfish harvesting areas, near-shore waters, Ebre Delta area, south of Catalonia) Boats, CTDs, cranes, sampling devices, spectrophotometers

Microscopic and genetic identification of phytoplankton Identification of phytoplankton species in marine aquatic ecosystems. Microscopy, PCR

Laboratory microlagal cultures Culture of microalgae for the production of relevant molecules and bioactive compounds. Bioreactors, culture chambers, centrifuges, microscopy

Thin layer Chromatography and densitometry Identification and quantitation of lipid classes, separation of neutral and polar lipids Densitometer. Sample preparation.

Histology Evaluation of the effects of nutrients and additiveson the digestive system of marine organisms. Identification of parasites in tissues. Organ and tissue development in marine organisms. Histolab, Parafine inclusion, microtomes, staining

Molecular Biology End-Point PCR analysis for: pathogen detection, species identification, gene isolation. Quantitative PCR analysis for: pathogen detection, cell quantitation, gene expression analysis, species identification, microbial strain differentiation. Thermal cyclers for End-point and quantitative PCR, Agarose gel electrophoresis equipment, Digital imaging equipment, Microcentrifuges, Clinical centrifuges, Bead mill for tissue homogenization, DNA extraction materials

Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Alicia Estevez Garcia Aquatic cultures division coordinator
Dolors Furones Nozal Aquaculture division director
Jorge Diogene Fadini Marine environmental monitoring division coordinator

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