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Start Date 2016/07/06
End Date 2016/07/08
Event Title 4th International ISEKI_Food Conference
Event Description The conference will bring together food scientists from research and industry, technologists, students, and the wider community, to discuss and collaborate on specific topics relevant to Food Science and Technology, Industry and Education, under the topics:

• Education and Training in the Food sector: trends and developments • Food Technology: process innovation and novel food functionalities • Food Quality and Safety: new developments • Food by-products: reduction and utilisation • Nutrition: trends and impact of food technology • Responsible Research and Innovation: challenges and practices in the food supply chain

Involving organised speaker sessions, poster presentations and exhibitions, the conference will also offer two pre-conference workshops on the following topics:

• 2nd ISEKI_Food PhD Workshop “Recent Research in the Field of Food Science and Technology” • Food Waste Recovery Workshop "Recovery of valuable compounds from food processing by-products"

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Location Vienna, Austria

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