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Start Date 2015/09/15
End Date 2015/09/17
Event Title Innovations in Food Packaging, Shelf Life and Food Safety
Event Description In recent years, the development of novel food packaging methods and techniques has not only increased the shelf life of foods, but also improved their safety and quality. Innovations in Food Packaging, Shelf Life and Food Safety will provide a platform for delegates from industry and academia to discuss and develop new concepts and technologies required to advance the development of new packaging materials, explore technologies for food applications, and examine the influence of packaging materials on shelf life and food safety. The conference will also focus on food package sustainability, including bio-based packaging materials such as edible films which are the focus of new research.

The conference is organised by IVV Fraunhofer and Elsevier.

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Location Stadthalle Erding, Munich, Germany

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Created by Kerstin Lienemann on 11 August 2015, at 18:57