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Original name:Jacobsen Real-Time X-Ray Machinery Inc.

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Jacobsen Real-Time X-Ray Machinery Inc. is a private Canadian company that specializes in the development of highly reliable industrial x-ray equipment and systems made to customer’s specifications. We build X-ray nondestructive testing machines for your unique application. Using our “x-ray eyes” the customers or end users can see defects, porosity and inclusions in castings and compound materials and cracks in welding joints. The x-ray machinery from Jacobsen can help you inspect electronic assemblies and detect missing components. We build machines (ask for “Custom-made systems” brochure) that inspect light alloy wheels, knuckles, steering wheels, engine blocks, engine covers, exhaust manifold, transmission housings, tires, airbag sensors, micro switches, honeycomb panels, turbine blades, spiral and length welded steel pipes, nuclear fuel elements (rods), food glass jars etc. Our robust fully automated x-ray machinery is the “workhorse” on the plant floor, running 24/7 for design life of ten years.

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