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Introduction At this stage, your property right strategy should be clearly defined, meaning you have chosen options between patenting, licencing, secret, etc. and you do what it takes to implement it.

Yet, some pending issues must be addressed at this time, such as the interest and relevance of a dedicated brand and/or web domain for your product/process.

Additionally, the registration of a patent is a long and specific process, and that work must be done by/with an expert.

The watch must be maintained all along the project.

Your partners may change at this stage, regarding the technical upscaling constraints; be careful to continuously secure your property agreements with the new ones and watch your former ones to prevent any form of illegal competition.

Key issues - Implementation of the strategy that has been previously defined

- Is it relevant to register a brand corresponding to my product?

- Is the registration of a web domain relevant?

- Checking new application domains for the patent (if relevant)?

- What are the existing patents/ property rights corresponding to the potential extensions?

- How to update the property agreements according to the evolution of the partnership (partners of the project and external service providers)?

Food TIP's answers On this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal), some Practical sheets can be helpful: Access Rights in FP7, Patents in FP7, Protection of IP, Standards, norms & certifications

Other sources International:

- World Intellectual Property Organization:


- Intellectual Property Rights helpdesk:

- European Patent Office:

- Access to European Union law:

- European Food Safety Authority:

- Food safety in Europe: European Commission Portal on Food safety (food law and regulations, labelling…) (available on main EU languages)

European Committee for Standardization:

- How standards can support R&D and innovation:

- Search tools on European standards: (available in DE, EN, FR)

- List of National Standards Bodies:

See also:

- ENFFI Tool box: Food sector specific tools to facilitate the access to the financing process (but providing also information related to technical, legal and marketing issues)

Please pay attention to country specificities.

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Key words and relations Access rights in FP7, Patents in FP7, Protection of IP, Standards, norms & certifications
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