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Introduction The launching phase is less intense in terms of legal and property issues, as the largest part of the work has been done before.

Yet, it is a crucial point, as you go to the public with a new product and competitors might check how to react legally to your innovation in order to inhibit it. Consequently, you must keep watching the intellectual property environment of your product/process in order to prevent an illegal competition through copying or plagiarism and to feel what could be the potential further developments for your product/process.

Additionally, the traceability chain must be set up and continuously controlled.

Key issues - What strategy to maintain the protection of the innovation? For example, in case you have registered a patent, what means should be mobilised to ensure its protection?

- Permanent watch on intellectual property rights related to potential extensions

- Is the traceability chain set up?

Food TIP's answers On this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal), some Practical sheets might be helpful: Access Rights in FP7, Protection of IP

Other sources - Intellectual Property Rights helpdesk:

- Access to European Union law:

- European Food Safety Authority:

European Committee for Standardization:

- How standards can support R&D and innovation:

- Search tools on European standards: (available in DE, EN, FR)

- List of National Standards Bodies:

Please pay attention to country specificities.

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Key words and relations Access rights in FP7, Protection of IP
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