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Checklist between phase 1 (Pre-feasibility) and phase 2 (Feasibility study):

  • Do I solve technical, social, environmental, resource problems? Is my project positively unique? What is its specificity regarding existing products / process / organisations?
  • Is there a technical solution to my problem? How far is it from the market? Does realizing the idea involve substantial RTD parts and a pioneering risk?
  • What is the status of the related intellectual property rights? Did I correctly check the existing rights, so that to be sure that my project will not fall under an existing patent?
  • Did I elaborated a budget for the feasibility stage? Did I identify potential funding sources?
  • Do I know the target market? (i.e. do I know my potential customers/competitors/opportunities/threats?)
  • Who am I going to work with? Are my (foreseen) partners excellent in their respective fields? Are there competence still missing in the team?
  • Am I able to present my project in a clear and convincing way (oral or written short presentation)? = identify experts who may be willing to screen your draft proposal in a precheck
  • What is/are the benefit(s) of my project for the consumers?

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