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Checklist between phase 2 (Feasibility study) and phase 3 (Development):

  • What kind and how much development work is necessary?
  • Are raw materials/equipment/logistics available?
  • What is my IPR strategy? What is the legal framework (norms & regulations) related to my project?
  • What is my financial strategy? What are my financial sources?
  • What is the customers’ position? What is my marketing strategy?
  • Do I have a strong and detailed project plan? Did I define workloads and financial resources (personnel, subcontracting, other costs) for the defined steps
  • Do I have reliable partners? Do I trust and collaborate well with the core partners of my consortium? Do all partners have a real interest in the project?
  • Do I have full intern support in my organisation?

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Created by Hte keki on 17 December 2012, at 15:40