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This User Manual has been created to help you get started easily. We have created information points at several locations on the website.

This website is about innovations in food processing, and comprises 227 methods and technologies, 826 profiles of companies and institutes active in the field of food processing and an overview of technical and supporting infrastructure available (111) in Europe and worldwide. The results to be found with this search application are high quality information pages, created by experts of novel food technologies, both from industry and academia.

  • As an unregistered user you have read only status and no access to people's contact data.

  • To get full access to the portal you need to register as a member of the Associated Membership Platform.
    Benefits for members:
    • Membership is free of charge
    • View all contact data available in the portal
    • Comment existing datasheets
    • Insert new datasheets to promote your own technology and infrastructure
    • Publish your profile to be found by others

  • How to register:
    • Step 1: go to the main page and click on "New registration" in the upper right corner
    • Step 2: fill in the necessary information and click the “submit” button
    • Step 3: after successful registration you will receive an email with user name and password
    • Step 4: use your user name and password to login and create your company profile within four weeks, otherwise your account will be deleted

  • This application works best in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. When opened in for example Internet Explorer, this can lead to (small) problems (which will be solved in the near future).

  • Information can be found directly by visiting the overview pages (go to ‘Technologies’, ‘Profiles’, or ‘Infrastructures’) or by using the search box in the upper right corner.

  • When you find information that is incorrect or inappropriate, please report this to This is also possible by using the feedback functionality on every page in the portal.

  • When, in addition, you want to edit a (technology, profile, infrastructure) datasheet on the site, you can send a request for this to

For further information or questions on becoming a member of the Associated Membership Platform, please send an email to

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