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Introduction At this stage, two main issues have to be dealt with:

- Feasibility tests require to mobilise competence and tools in project management, i.e. supervising and leading the people, resources, workloads, deadlines, etc.

- At the same time, continuously elaborate the development stage of the project by gathering relevant information, identifying new partners and resources, and planning operations. Indeed, innovation is a continuous (even cyclic!) process.

Keep paying attention to the leadership and motivation of the project team. Work should be well coordinated, shared and attributed to the right person for its implementation. Everyone involved at any level in the project should be aware of what is at stake, and should be dedicated to the successful achievement of the project.

Key issues Organization:

- Functional analysis of the innovative product/service (result: functional requirements / appraisal criteria / indicators)

- Mobilization of the necessary competence: internal project team (including optional recruitment) + external network (setting up & maintenance) with strategic forms of partnership and proper agreements

- Project management plan and operational tools (planning, calendars, budgets, etc. +deliverables and indicators of success): merger of the 4 aspects.

Human resources:

- Choosing partners with complementary skills? Which competence is covered by which partner? Is some competence still missing?

- Do I trust and collaborate well with the core partners of my consortium?

- Do all partners have a real interest in the project?

- Did I contact all relevant staff of the core consortium and do they know what exactly their part in the bigger picture is?

Food TIP's answers The HighTech Europe project does not focus on management issues. Yet, some of the partners are more used to dealing with these, you can find them in the Profile section of this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal).

Additionally, some of the Practical Innovation Sheets can be helpful: Feasibility study, EU 7th Framework Programme – Cooperation, EU 7th Framework Programme - Research for SMEs, Eurostars, Business Plan, Business Cooperation/ Finding a partner, Business Networking, Innovation management, Knowledge management, Porter five forces analysis, SWOT Analysis

Other sources - Course in management of innovation projects:

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