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Introduction At this stage, you should focus on potential technical/financial/legal/marketing deviations from the plan. You should be prepared and have some tools to develop relevant solutions/adjustments.

The final stage should particularly focus on optimising the commercial aspects (financial/marketing) and securing the property right follow up.

It might be a good option to extend the project if needed.

Furthermore, if the project has been a commercial and human success (the team got on well, people have been happy to work together and the whole was more than the sum of ist parts), it is wise to keep the partners as a network for next projects!

Key issues Organization:

- permanent fittings of the project management plan thanks to a synthetic tool that integrates feedback (indicators of success)

- adjustement of the project team to ensure the long-lasting life of the new product/service (including extensions)?

Human resources:

- what follow-up with the partners?

Food TIP's answers The HighTech Europe project does not focus on management issues. Yet, some of the partners are more used to dealing with these, you can find them in the Profile section of this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal).

Additionally, some of the Practical Innovation Sheets can be helpful: Business Cooperation/ Finding a partner, Business Networking, Innovation management, Knowledge management, Spin-off

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Key words and relations Business cooperation/ finding a partner, Business networking, Innovation management, Knowledge management, Spin-off
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