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Introduction The general coordination of your project should encompass organizational, technical and human aspects.

In this first stage, you should be able to have a clear idea of your project sequence, including objectives, constraints, rough schedules and budgets, and how to integrate the project within your global strategy.

You should be able to define the main risks and key factors towards success of the project.

You should also start to gather your associates and/or partners in this venture. Building a strong, adaptable and reliable working group, with a strong leader, is essential to implement successfully your sequence. Each stage and each aspect of the project will require specific competence; be sure you have them all! Team-building actions will be necessary in the earliest stages of the project in order to build trust between the partners.

Key issues Organization:

- Am I able to express my needs in a perfectly clear way?

- What is the origin of the project (analysis: source, client needs, constraints, opportunities)?

- Is the idea consistent with the enterprise global strategy?

- What are the identified risks in this project? (Reliability of the technical solutions, market stability, freedom of IPR environment, etc.)

- What are the key success factors?

Human resources:

- Who is going to be the project leader?

- How to get internal endorsement/appropriation?

- What competence is necessary for technical, IPR, financial and marketing aspects? Do I know good channels and networks to address additional partners?

- What will be the nature of the partnerships: outsourcing, expertise service, cooperation, alliance?

- Did I identify experts who may be willing to write and/or review the draft proposal?

Food TIP's answers The HighTech Europe project does not focus on management issues. Yet, some of the partners are more used to dealing with these, you can find them in the Profile section of this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal).

Additionally, some of the Practical Innovation Sheets can be helpful: Feasibility study, EU 7th Framework Programme – Cooperation, EU 7th Framework Programme - Research for SMEs, Eurostars, Business Cooperation/ Finding a partner, Business Networking, Change management, Innovation management, Knowledge management, Open innovation, Porter five forces analysis, SWOT Analysis

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