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Introduction This stage is dedicated to finalizing the details of your marketing strategy and to start implementing it. You will have to refine it according to the feedback from the first actions.

As soon as the first products are available (industrially produced), they should be tested with samples of clients, starting with the first targeted clients, who will be the entry point onto the market. The feedback from these first clients is essential to adapt your marketing approach (advertising, distribution circuits, prices, etc.) or your product/service to some extend, or both.

Finally, specific indicators should be defined in order to measure the commercial success of the new product/process/service for the next phase.

Key issues - Have you organised some tests of the product/service with a sample of clients?

- What is your marketing strategy? pricing, distribution and communication, etc.

- What is the consumers acceptance towards your innovation?

- Have you defined indicators to evaluate and continuously adjust the commercial success of the new product/service?

Food TIP's answers On this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal), you can find 2 White Books that include consumer-related chapters (link to be added)

Additionally, some Practical Sheets can be helpful: Communication strategy, Consumer attitudes, Social media marketing, Co-creation

Other sources - Marketing Innovation Tool: (on safety issues)

- Food safety in Europe: European Commission Portal on Food safety (food law and regulations, labelling…) (available on main EU languages)

- ENFFI Tool box: Food sector specific tools to facilitate the access to the financing process (but providing also information related to technical, legal and marketing issues)

- private marketing consultancy agencies

Title development x marketing
Key words and relations Communication strategy, Consumer attitudes, Social media marketing, Co-creation
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