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Introduction This stage is crucial for the marketing aspects.

In the previous steps, you have established a specific strategy; it is now time to implement the launching specific actions, including for example free samples (of a product), free training or maintenance (on a device), free trial use (for a service), for certain duration.

Even after the initial phase, commercial actions should be kept to establish the notoriety of your product/process/service in the customer’s flighty mind.

From now on, the commercial watch should be active in order to seize any opportunity to increase your sales (if the production can afford it), by reaching new niche markets, by penetrating extended markets (new countries, new distribution circuits, etc.), by improving your product/process/service to stay above the competitor’s.

Key issues - Improvements, extensions

- Are there opportunities to extend the sale territory (export market)?

- Commercial actions

- Commercial Watch

- Consumers acceptance towards innovation

Food TIP's answers The main focus of teh HighTech Europe project is not marketing.

Yet, on this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal), some Practical Sheets can be helpful: Distribution channels, Social media marketing, Communication strategy

Other sources - private marketing consultancy agencies

Title launching x marketing
Key words and relations Distribution channels, Social media marketing, Target Group , Communication strategy
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