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Start Date 2015/05/14
End Date 2015/05/15
Event Title Murcia FOOD Brokerage Event 2015
Event Description The 7th Edition of Murcia Food Brokerage Event 2015 will present the latest creations in the field of food technology, providing companies from different European countries with an excellent opportunity to hold bilateral meetings aimed at establishing technology cooperation agreements.

PARALLEL EVENTS 7th International Symposium on Food Technology A number of conferences and presentations will take place in which the latest creations in the sector are presented.

III Prospective Technology Forum will be held on the second day. Important institutions and companies present trends & foresight in their respective fields.


- Hygienic design of facilities and food safety Allergens Authentication of food products, rapid control systems, etc.

- Biotechnology Biosensors New food products (prebiotic, functional, etc.) Reuse of food by-products, etc.

- Conservation technology. Active and intelligent packaging Gases in supercritical condition Active packaging and new containers, other.

- Automation and control processes Process monitoring, sensors, communication, robotics, etc.

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Location Centro de Congresos VĂ­ctor Villegas, Murcia/Spain

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