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English name:National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre Food Science Research Institute
Original name:Nemzeti Agrárkutatási és Innovációs Központ Élelmiszertudományi Kutatóintézet

Research organisation: Research organisation,

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Research organisation
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Herman Ottó út 15
1022 Budapest

Herman Ottó út 15

1022 Budapest

Budapest Hungary 47° 30' 22" N, 19° 3' 53" E


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Pulsed electric field processing
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Related Facility Datasheet

Title Infrastructure class
Fruit juice laboratory - KEKI Laboratories
Laboratory of organic micropollutants, drog residues, mycotoxins - KEKI Laboratories
Microwave vacuum drying pilot system KEKI Dryers
Pulsed electric field lab scale system - KEKI PEF equipment
Radio Frequency heat treatment pilot system - KEKI Electro-Magnetic equipment
Video observation system for market research and product development tasks - Keki not applicable
Technology Application field Equipment available
Novel processing Consumer acceptance fully equipped sensory laboratory

Consumer preference video appliance for qualitative studies

Consumer behaviour PEF appliance


Name Function E-Mail Expertise
Diána Bánáti Head of institute Food policy, agrarian ethics, food law
Erzsebet Szabo Researcher
Erzsébet Szabó Head of unit Consumers’ food
Judit Hámori Junior researcher Research of food consumer behaviour
Nóra Adányi
Piroska Hartyáni
Sándor Ferenczi
Zsuzsanna Cserhalmi
manosa ringoes HGYJ NHVGHVH

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