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Why to deal with this? A proof of concept or (POC) or a proof of principle is a realization of a certain method or idea to demonstrate its feasibility, or a demonstration in principle, whose purpose is to verify that some concept or theory has the potential of being used. Sometimes making a proof of concept requires making a minimalist prototype, to show that the idea or device could be made to work. POC can concern both a new technology or a new business model.
When is it suitable/applicable? A patent application often requires a demonstration of functionality prior to being filed. It is also necessary to convince an investor to become engaged in a certain project or business.
When is it NOT suitable/applicable? When the product or technology are well defined, a proof-of-concept model may be a waste of money.
What costs are related to it (financial, time effort etc.)? The proof-of-concept model doesn't have to be perfect or manufacturable, it has to prove the concept in the minimum amount of time.

What’s the relevant HTE output? The search function of this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal) will help you identify institutes and technology centres with experience in your technology area. They can support POC testing by offering access to their expertise and infrastuctures.
Whom can I talk to from the HTE team? IRTA, Ttz, CENTIV, Wageningen UR - FBR, Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V.,

FRIP, KEKI, Pervatech, KU Leuven LFT, UTCN, CSIRO, Nutrition Sciences

Relevant internet links Links:
Online databases and tools Tools:
Where to get advice, consultancy? Support:
  • Technogy consultants are first choice, thus depending on the subject of the proof of concept, maybe private management, or communication experts can assist you as well.
  • research instiutes and/or technical centres (can be found using the search function of this website (Food Tech Innovation Portal)
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