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AMK10 Chocolate tempering equipment - SP +Mini plants  +
Air classifier FBR +Air classifiers  +
Analytical chemistry laboratory - Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins +Laboratories  +
Analytical laboratory - KSL +Laboratories  +
Analytical laboratory - ULBS +Laboratories  +
Auditorium IRTA +not applicable  +


B-290- Mini spray dryer-HES-SO Valais-HEI +Dryers  +
BC 21, Nano 16- Extruder-HES-SO Valais-HEI +Extruders  +
BFH Nutrition and Dietetics +Education and research  +
Baby food plant - Citrus +Mini plants  +
Batchmixer - HES-SO Valais-HEI +Mixers  +
Biotechnological platform INRA +Laboratories  +


Cereal fractionation INRA +Mini plants  +
Chocolate pre-crystallization equipment - SP +Mini plants  +
Clean room – Histocell +not applicable  +
Cold Plasma unit FBR +Plasma equipment  +
Computed Tomography IRTA +Imaging  +
Continuous microwave heating system with conveyor - SP +Electro-Magnetic equipment  +
Continuous tubular microwave heating system - SP +Electro-Magnetic equipment  +
Cyclones FBR +Cyclones  +


Dairy Platform INRA +Mini plants  +


EDERNA +Membrane equipment  +
Elea +PEF equipment  +
Experimental winery - Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins +Fermenters  +


Field Flow Fractionation INPT - EI Purpan +Analytical instruments  +
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