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In HighTech Europe, innovations are classified with regard to the type of operation they can be applied in or used for. The following classes of operations are considered:

  • Separation processes
  • Stabilizing processes
  • Structure forming processes
  • Conversion processes
  • Packaging

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Acrylamide mitigation strategies +Stabilizing  +, Structure forming  +, Conversion  +
Actinidin and high pressure +Stabilizing  +, Structure forming  +
Active barrier packaging materials for fat and oils +Packaging  +
Air classification +Separation  +
Allergens database for gluten in foods +Not applicable  +
Alternative heat-stable sweeteners for bakery products +Stabilizing  +
Anti-browning agents for fresh cut fruit +Stabilizing  +, Conversion  +
Antifungal LAB +Stabilizing  +
Antimicrobial biodegradable packaging +Packaging  +
Antimicrobial effect of ozone in the food industry +Stabilizing  +
Antimicrobials for bakery products +Stabilizing  +, Packaging  +
Antioxidants from sweet potato +Separation  +
Application of pulsed electric fields for cell disintegration +Structure forming  +, Conversion  +


Baking with combined microwave and infrared/impingement heating +Structure forming  +, Conversion  +
Baking with impingement heating +Structure forming  +, Conversion  +
Baking with infrared heating +Structure forming  +, Conversion  +
Batch overpressure water cascading or spray retort +Stabilizing  +
Biomass sensor +Other  +
Biosensor aflatoxin +Not applicable  +
Bottles with nanomaterials for in-bottle sterilisation +Stabilizing  +, Packaging  +
Brining and cooking meat products +Stabilizing  +, Structure forming  +, Conversion  +


Carbon nanotube based biosensors +Other  +
Casein micelles fortified with iron +Stabilizing  +, Structure forming  +
Cheese ripening control +Not applicable  +
Chemical pressure temperature time indicator coenzyme Q(0) +Stabilizing  +
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