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Start Date 2015/04/27
End Date 2015/04/27
Event Title Protecting Tradition as a Strategy for Growth - TRADEIT Workshop
Event Description Are you interested in learning more about using the heritage, character and authenticity of your food in your marketing activities?

If so you may be interested in European Commission Quality Designations (PGI, PDO and TSG) which promote and protect food names that are linked to a particular region/country or that are traditional in nature.

e.g. Did you know that manufacturers of blaas are only allowed use the name ‘blaa’ if it is baked in Waterford?

This is because the European Commission has awarded the terms “Waterford Blaa” and “Blaa” Protected Geographical Indication status (PGI). PGI along with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) promote and protect names of quality food products. Like the Blaa, foods such as Irish Salmon and Gorgonzola, Camembert and Imokilly Regato cheeses, and drink such as Cognac and Champagne can only be given that name if they come from the designated region.

For more information please visit Event page of TRADEIT

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Location Institute of Technology, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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