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When you type two characters in the search field, a drop down menu will appear below the search field containing concepts that start with that character combination. You can select concepts from this list by using the up and down arrow keys. To add a concept to Your Search Terms, you need to press the ENTER key twice, the first time to complete the text in the search field, the second time to add it to the field with Your Search Terms.

When entering a search term in the Search Field, do not use whole sentences but only single concepts. Single concepts are for instance “food product”, “method”,  “high pressure processing”, and “product”.

If you want to search using different concepts, add these concepts separately. First enter the first concept, press enter so that the concept is added to Your Search Terms. Then enter the second concept and add it to Your Search Terms. At this moment you should see two concepts in the Your Search Terms Box. The search results will now reflect the results for searching on both concepts. A search term can be deleted by clicking the [x] symbol.

The search query can be refined using the filter possibilities or by finding related concepts. Choose the relevant filtering option or related concept simply by clicking.

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