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Allergens database for gluten in foods
Alternative heat-stable sweeteners for bakery products
Anti-browning agents for fresh cut fruit
Antifungal LAB
Antimicrobial biodegradable packaging
Antimicrobial effect of ozone in the food industry
Antimicrobials for bakery products
Antioxidants from sweet potato
Application of pulsed electric fields for cell disintegration
Brining and cooking meat products
Bottles with nanomaterials for in-bottle sterilisation
Biosensor aflatoxin
Biomass sensor
Batch overpressure water cascading or spray retort
Baking with infrared heating
Baking with impingement heating
Baking with combined microwave and infrared/impingement heating
Cutting of food products by ultrasound
Colorimetry and spectrophotometry for food products
Cold sterilisation by dimethyl dicarbonate
Cold plasma for packaging application
Cold plasma for food application
Chemical pressure temperature time indicator coenzyme Q(0)
Cheese ripening control
Casein micelles fortified with iron
Carbon nanotube based biosensors
DSS packaging design
DSS durum wheat
Drying of non-fermented meat products
Dry-roasting of nuts using microwaves
Dry-roasting and pasteurization of nuts using infrared heating
Dry heat sterilization of spices
Dielectric microwave spectroscopy
Dewatering process
Density measurement of food products
Dehusking Process
Decontamination by peroxyacetic acid
Ethylene powder ripening of fruits and vegetables
Enzymes with lipase/acyltransferase activity for processing fats
Enzyme-based oxygen scavengers based on glucose oxidase/catalase
Enzymatic pressure temperature time indicator
Enzymatic modification of phospholipids
Enzymatic liquefaction of fish meat
Enzymatic extraction of ferulic acid
Enhancement of Bacillus probiotics
Encapsulation of sulforaphane to increase its stability during heat processing of functional foods
Encapsulation of lycopene to increase its bioavailability
Encapsulation of bioactive compounds
Emulsions stabilized by multi-layer interfaces
Electrostatic separation
Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy
Electrochemical tongue
Egg white as structure forming agent
Efficient cooling of hot filled pouches and bottles
Effect of oxidation and high pressure treatment on fruit and vegetable juices deallergization
GMO maize test kit
Glucose removal from egg white
General principle of robotics
GC-MS fingerprinting for food authenticity evaluation
Furan formation in heat treated food products
Freeze meat juice release prevention
Fluid particle modelling
Flow-cytometry immunoassay
Flavour and aroma release packaging
Fish species identification
Fermenting and drying of meat products
Fat replacers for meat products
Hydrostatic retort
Hydrocolloids preventing fruit from shrinkage while drying
Humidity indicators
HPT meat sterilisation
High-pressure low-temperature processes
High pressure shellfish processing
High pressure processing
High pressure pasteurization of marinated chicken meat
High pressure pasteurization of fish to prolong their freshness
High pressure homogenisation for microbial inactivation of liquid food
High pressure assisted meat tenderisation by papain and ficin
High oxygen barrier for colour stabilisation of fresh meat slices
Heat penetration studies for in-pack thermal processing in batch retort systems
Heat distribution studies in batch retorts for in-pack thermal processing
Luminescence oxygen sensors
Low-fat stabilization of peanut butter and vegetable kernel butters
Listello mill for olive oil processing
Irradiation of meat products
Irradiation and allergens
Ionising radiation
Infrared temperature measurement
Infrared heating
In vitro digestion procedures
In situ dairy sweetener
In pack heat pasteurization of ready to eat meals
Improving dairy strains
Improved gluten free bread
Immobilization of yeast cells for fermentation, especially beer
Immature cereal product
Mycotoxins reduction in wheat grains
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